How to Protect Your Health, Stay Strong, and Maintain Elite Performance in the Comfort and Safety of Your Home

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Performance = Skill – Interference

You and I can both agree: The problems you face today are getting bigger.

The pace of change is accelerating like a bullet train.

Especially if you’re an entrepreneur or C-level executive.

The stakes for failure — as a professional, parent or spouse — have never been higher.

Hi, I’m Steve Adams, CEO of Tiger Neuroscience.

And I’m here with important news … about a safe, proven way to stay strong, protect your health, and maintain elite performance. For yourself, your family and your business.

Even in times like this.

It’s all possible thanks to a surprising insight into human performance …

Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, But Humans Do.

The reason why is that we humans often dwell on events in the past or create stress when thinking about the future.

Today’s turbulent news headlines are a perfect example. Yes, bad things may be happening. But events in the real world are often less terrifying than the events in our mind.

That’s because our mind can’t tell the difference between stress that’s real — like a lion chasing us — and stress that’s imaginary — like an illness that might happen to us.

When stress becomes chronic and never-ending, we experience life “out of balance” … which leads to shallow breathing, very real “heartache” and cardio stress.

A cascade of hormones and biochemicals then kicks in. And the eventual result is poor sleep quality, poor decisions, lost productivity … even illness.

However …

Now there’s a scientifically proven way to protect your health and productivity, without prescription drugs or ever leaving your home. For yourself and your loved ones.

Born at NASA in the ‘60s … now used by Silicon Valley executives, Navy SEALs, NFL quarterbacks and other peak performers … it unlocks your potential by removing “interference” in your mind and body.

It’s called …


How does it work?

It works by regulating your brain’s electrical pulses.

You see, the brain produces enough electrical energy to power a 40-watt light bulb.

That energy travels across the brain in waves. These waves are measured in frequency, or cycles per second, called Hertz (Hz).

Typical brain waves range from Delta (0.5 to 3 Hz) deep sleep, and Theta (3 to 8 Hz) dreaming or “flow” state … to Alpha (8 to 12 Hz) relaxed and alert, and Beta (12 to 38 Hz) everyday activity.

Here’s What Brain Waves Look Like:

brain waves

When brain waves are dysregulated and “out of sync” … with the wrong patterns … you underperform. Your immune system can weaken. Your productivity can crater.

Example: Many adults with ADHD have too many inattentive waves (Theta) and not enough attentive waves (Beta). This causes them to lack focus and lose control of their impulses … with devastating effects given today’s absolute need for calm, clear decision making.

But neurofeedback trains the brain to regulate itself — and stay that way for optimal performance.

Neurofeedback uses sensor bands worn on the head to monitor brain wave patterns. This, in turn, regulates brain waves. Without prescription drugs or therapy.

The scientific evidence is compelling. Over 400 peer-reviewed articles dating back to 1968 show that neurofeedback can help with a wide range of mental health disorders.

Then in 2017, a new system of neurofeedback was developed.

It combines neurofeedback … with training in heart-rate variability (HRV) and breathing … delivered in the convenience and safety of your home.

The resulting system is the most effective of its kind that we know of.

That system is called …

Tiger Neuro™

Tiger Neuro™ occupies a unique position, between physiology (body) and psychology (mind).

By correcting brain waves that are “out of sync,” Tiger Neuro give you control over your body’s stress response … which protects your health, your decision making, and your productivity.

And the success that Tiger Neuro is having to help executives and athletes achieve elite levels of performance … during periods of intense stress … without drugs or side effects …

… is nothing short of remarkable.

In fact, Tiger Neuro technology has proven clinically effective in treating these disorders:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • PTSD
  • Sleep Disorders

That’s why, if you’re worried about events that seem beyond your control … you want to protect your mental and physical health … and you need to make better decisions, faster …

… you owe it to yourself to learn about this new, proven solution for entrepreneurs and executives.

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